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What We do

Shandong Huaquan Power Co.,Ltd is in economic technical development area of Weicheng, Shandong province, pro-fessional producing, unning,developing terrestrial and marine diesel generators, natural gas generator and automatic pumps. The series of our products including lots of famous brands in the world, such as Cummins,Steyr,Deutz,Volvo,Perkins etc. The kilowatt is from 8KW to 1500KW. Alternators are chosen as Stanford, Leroy Somer, Engga, Qianghui, and we have already registered as the name of Huaquan diesel generator set.

Excellent brand, power expert:

Focus on providing solutions for power, Yuchai manufacturers such as authorization, honor complete qualification, awarded the high-tech enterprises in Shandong province. Excellent brand, passed to you a sense of trust.

Product range, quality excellence:

China power range from 8kW to 2000kW power unit, according to the product structure of the 6 major series, including super mute series, mute mobile trailer series, anti canopy series and ATS series, four automatic protection system and electronic control pump. According to the fuel divided into diesel, gasoline and gas generator sets to meet the diverse needs.

Factory direct sales, inexpensive:

China is powered by the manufacturers direct sales model, eliminating the intermediate agent layers increases the link, let customers get more concessions.

Mobile APP remote cloud monitoring:

The machine boot, shutdown, GPS positioning, real-time video monitoring, oil pressure, temperature and battery voltage monitoring, security alarm, storage failure record, as long as your mobile phone in hand, stay at home, everyone else.

Marketing platform, exclusive industry top:

China power has been gradually settled in the marketing platform, has access to Tmall, Ali,, Jingdong, Amazon, shop platform license certification, and independent self marketing platform, covering the whole network, has been ranked first with the industry!

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How to select the generator

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Selection of generator voltage transformer should pay attention to the following

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